A uniquely Australian outlook to the same problems we face in the USA.

Australia's own Paul Spinks
is the Game Changer, bringing his message to America


Advanced Australian Care Paramedic and Counsellor Paul Spinks, has a clear message.

"Australia faces the same issues as the US.
1 in 2 are depressed.
Suicide is the leading cause of death between 15 and 44. People in other countries fight to stay alive.
We find new ways to end ours or medicate just to front the day. What have we got so wrong?"

Is it time we are all engaged at a different level? You will be shocked to learn how cracks form in your mental and physical health and why we must try new approaches to maximise both staff and our home performance. Placing layers of training and surface level concepts on how to better behave and perform may only lead to reduced outcomes.

Workplaces need to understand that if they are to make any impact on the health, wellbeing and productivity of their staff they need to move away from yesterday methods. If only parents, supervisors and bosses could all spend a week riding along with a Paramedic, it would change the way they do business forever. This presentation just might be the next best thing!

Lessons learned from
the heartland of Australia

From the urban stress of Australia’s cities to the regional drug epidemics and drought-induced farmer suicides destroying Australia’s country towns, Paul has seen the pressures modern life puts on people, families and businesses, resulting in soaring medication prescriptions in the last decade.

"Are we micro-managing ourselves sick?"

Paul regards mental and physical health at the top of the list when it comes to our overall performance and especially in the workplace. Without this not only do we under-perform at home, but we most definitely won’t perform at work. It is without doubt the number one epidemic that is holding us back. Workplaces that don’t believe it’s their duty of care will feel it in the bottom line.

Paul takes us on a journey into our personal lives using a mixture of real life stories, including his own, and a uniquely Australian outlook on life, to move you, amuse you, and ultimately change you. He challenges us all how to reset and rethink well before we find our mental health spiraling, often undetected and out of control. He makes no bones about the fact when he says to his audiences “if I’m not talking about you, I am most certainly talking about your partner, kids, friends or work colleagues.” Paul will inspire, change and provide a tool kit to act on, to bring about purpose, direction, retention and meaning into your homes and workplace.

"Paul's an impressive presenter. I could see the majority of the audience and they were riveted."

Lynne Kilgour - Deutsche Bank