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Pill testing is legalisation of illicit drugs

The push to permit testing of illicit drugs at music festivals is a form of legalisation, where drug users and pushers are essentially given a free hand to use and distribute an illegal product.

If you cant handle what you see you shouldn’t be in the job

“If you can’t handle what you see you shouldn’t be in the job” are not uncommon words when it comes to emergency services workers, yet it is precisely this attitude that has seen research show that 1 in 3 emergency services personnel suffering from very high psychological distress. Yes, emergency services personnel need a greater

Trials of Paramedics

After 16 years as a paramedic and trauma counsellor, Paul joins Brent again to pick on their discussion of the life a paramedic.

Mental Health Day and Medication

35 million prescriptions and counting - Australia we have a problem! Each year more and more Australian’s are being prescribed with anti-depressants. Paul speaks with 2Hd's Brent Bultitude.

What do you do if…

Paul Spinks gives some great advice when Brent ask if you are bitten by a snake what should you do? Paul speaks with 2Hd's Brent Bultitude.